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2012-8-1 08:15 upload download attachment (191.2, KB) NIKEiD has now lifted the latest custom shoes Nike Dunk Deconstruct Premium, including high and low help two options. Nike Dunk Deconstruct Premium design style is partial to simplicity, with high-quality leather and suede to build, built-in Lunarlon mitigation technology, to ensure that the shock and comfort. NIKEiD offers a wide selection of colors, smooth / rough leather, and traditional / leather laces. 2012-8-1 08:15 upload and download attachments (125.48 KB) 2012-8-1 08:15 upload and download attachments (100.82 KB) 2012-8-1 08:15 upload and download attachments (101.47 KB) 2012-8-1 08:15 upload and download attachments (108.82 KB) 08: 15; 2012-8-1 uploading and downloading attachments (106.66 KB) 2012-8-1 08:15 upload and download attachments (148.63 KB) 2012-8-1 08:15 upload and download attachments (362.31 KB) 2012-8-1 08:15 upload and download attachments (255.37 KB) 2012-8-1 08:15 upload and download attachments (214 KB) 5cm Heroin-Chic this season to the title, design fine tailor style to hi-end music elements mod and Punk, so this bag with Japanese brand A.I.P Tote Bag note don't select the punk style important elements and black Wo nails, leather and nylon were introduced in two versions, the price difference of 1000 yuan, the tote bag is a separate, size is large enough, so the design is good and considerate. Also launche cheap jordans d A.I.P 5cm "Touch of Punk Couture" tee, sub black silver / full dark word version. Each A.I.P, tee and bag will come with a bag of dust. A.I.P nylon on variable sheepskin brand A.I.P full name is An American in Paris, founded in 1991, design style to outdoor bag, the end of 90s began to join in sheep's clothing, Gabriel shop, was welcomed by trendsetter. Now residing in the I.T sale, bag price average more than 1000 yuan, this time do not note with the regular edition similar to download (46.79 KB)5cm x A.I.P in the thirties of last century, through the economic depression in the United States is in a dire state, poor people mostly do not have the money to buy meat, can only be used made of meat, sugar, salt, water, potato starch canned luncheon meat instead, most of the year to help people from New York to ride out the storm, and spam is the American lunch meat in the classic brand. The United States from the popularity of street brand HUF will work together to create a new joint SPAM series, and SPAM classic Logo as inspiration. This season's new military coat as the main, in the most popular SPAM Logo camouflage pattern india. It is reported that this series has been available on the HUF online shop, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to.NEW BALANCE to barefoot running, minimalist-inspired light introduced Minimus technology, science and technology category complex dazzling all abandoned, air jordan 11 space jam for sale just to make the wearer feel lighter and more attached to the ultimate experience. However, not every person will like Minimus technology used on the treadmill. In view of this, New Balance, introduced the ML71 to meet this population. The ML71 Minimus uses a new technology to build, Vibram sole use of technology to ensure Jiaogan. New Balance shoes are designed from classic mountaineering shoes Ranier, both aim to achieve a comfortable casual shoes can also be used as the use, serve two purposes, in addition to previously reported in Jamaica for everyone color, as well as brown gray bright, interested friends can New Balance's going to buy the shop to look at. Source: madebynb[Chinese shoes Network] In recent years, NBA accustomed to Wang, Battle, Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian over 2.10 meters tall and the four Chinese players called "Great Wall of China", and achieved great success with Yao Ming, NBA on Chinese player's attention is also increased every year. Latest update today US authorities NBA draft net "Draftexpress" rankings, the teenager from Zhejiang team Zhang Dayu ranking jumped to ninth place in 1991 born international players. It is considered to be the next big China is expected to enter the NBA. Nike Global Summit April 12 Tournament just ended helped Zhang Dayu won the US basketball more popular in this year's competition, an international team to 97-89 victory over the US team, which is the in jordans on sale mens ternational team in the last eight years Tournament for the first time to win. As a member of the international team, Zhang Dayu off the bench in the game 10 minutes, 6 from 3 to get 6 points, his excellent footwork and precise mid-range shots as he won the goodwill of the American scouts. The Nike World Summit for Zhang Dayu is a rare opportunity to improve. When just entering training camp, Zhang Dayu had a more difficult time. However, in the training process, from Australia coach Beveridge see him every day to improve. Then gradually find the feeling in training, Zhang Dayu play in the Tournament of the most recognized coaches and scouts performance, "Draftexpress" believes Zhang Dayu biggest advantage is that he can quickly find their place on the pitch, he can be very soon became the focus of the field, in the offensive teammates find themselves, and independently shots. In addition, more than 7 feet tall as a center, a mid-range jumper Zhang Dayu capacity has been "Draftexpress" praise, he got six points in four minutes are from this sound score means. As a center, Zhang Dayu physical condition has also been affirmed the United States, "Draftexpress" think he's running ability is very good, the only regret is, with respect to more than 7 feet tall, His 6-foot-9-inch wingspan, some short. In the training process, Zhang Dayu demonstrated his solid paint technology, this center has both excellent footwork, jordan 3 katrina 2018 but also have a good ability to fight the basket. The most important thing is, this teenager was born in 1991 and now is still only 18 years old, after years of training and awareness, he is very hopeful to become the next China, a big man in the NBA. "My desire is to join future NBA, but the eyes still have to come step by step." Zhang Dayu also very much hope that they can become the sixth player to enter the NBA China.Air Jordan 1 Retro Mid GS new color exposure 2013-12-09 00:02:51 Jordan Brand recently prepared a variety of special new color for the shoes fans of & nbsp; Air Jordan 1 Retro Mid, overwhelmed small as we bring this color must in turn become a mixed version. Bright shoes with silver leather as the base, and then separately with blue, pink, purple and khaki color embellishment, lined blue pink camouflage places sensation presentation. There is no specific release information of this color, MM feel? adidas Originals again with Nigo, spring and summer series to create a retro style in New York 2015-02-17 12:56:15 adidas Originals and NIGO cooperation after following the autumn and winter series brings new surprises. Spring 2015 collaboration series allows you a real taste of New York retro style, Funny T-shirts and pondering printing sweater, iconic Rat King and Logo to create a T-shirt can reflect the trend of Japanese Harajuku style vintage master of the complex . Funny love Eas jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black on already this season Nigo put on the body, you can not miss. & nbsp; Nike Hyperdunk 2010 "Curry" PE Jing Bao network 2015-07-02 11:16:11 led the team to the NBA championship this year, seizing Stephen Curry is currently enjoying his vacation, although already changed, but so do join in the UA's big headed, but Nike also have introduced a lot of his classic shoes section. Recently the network exposed one pair Nike Hyperdunk 2010 "SC" PE boots, shoes selected white-based yellow-blue color outline details, tongue "SC 30" Logo marked identity of the owner, and the left foot is allowed to sign pro worth double! & nbsp; Jordan Melo M10 new version of the exposure 2014-05-06 22:45:55 Today's network exposure a new color of Jordan Melo M10, shiny heel protection tray metaphor of New York City, but neither the application of orange and blue color even feel this pair I did not much relationship with Melo But laser imprint on the tongue revealed designed by laser patterns constitute elements of Brooklyn and Puerto Rico, describes information related Melo. Currently no available information.0.jpg (615.54 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-4 14:15 upload this has been released in Japan first area of Air Jordan Retro 3 "Infrared 23" has now been confirmed at the weekend in the global scope officially listed, white leather shoes collocation black in the end, tongue and other embellishment, with Air Jordan 3 shoes logo pattern elements of burst and ray with the red hole, so the pair of shoes but not simple. male items: 136064-123 price: 1249RMB. female items: 398614-123 price: 839RMB. 1.jpg (677.93 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-4 14:15 upload 2.jpg (513.79 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-4 14:15 upload 3.jpg (557.38 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-4 14:15 upload You mentioned previously with Opening Ceremony x Keds shoe series currently has more details and photos. This can be seen on the insole with Ked's for Opening Ceremony words, each pair of different color has different exclusive laces and regulating ring, presents design with many different elements make this series more features, are currently above Opening Ceremony shops, male and female size are. 1.jpg (82.43 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-9-19 15:23 upload 2.jpg (87.03 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-9-19 15:23 upload 3.jpg (112.51 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-9-19 15:23 upload 4.jpg (100.6 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-9-19 15:23 upload 5.jpg (99.11 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-9-19 15:23 uploadsix, changed its name to looking back on the history, 1986 NBA draft had been believed to be one of the strongest in the history of the team, but the players but the early fall: the LAN. Byas after being selected by the Celtics only 2 days, because of drug overdose deaths; position 3 Chris. William Washburn, 6. Bender Verde, and Article 7 of the Roy. Tapley successively due to drug and alcohol abuse and prematurely left the NBA. since then, the team began to re-examine their selection criteria, because they are likely to spend tens of millions of dollars for the selected rookie. Naturally, character into the teams are very important aspects, they even at the expense of paying hired a private detective to investigate the players they care about the background. 76 people, of course, is no exception, but also in the dark investigation of Iverson and Marbury, which, Iverson is particularly taken care of. Although the bowling alley brawl has drawn a full stop, but Iverson and driving without a license, and once in a party to the murder scene appeared. In this regard, at the time of the 76 President Pat. Close explained: " we have to make it clear that these past troubles will not lead to new problems in the future. ; "pat Close, a native of philadelphia. In the eighties of the 20th century, Klose was 76 and professional rugby league flyers fitness coach and a smart, dynamic businessman, the founder of the treatment on their movement and across 11 states have 40 treatment center. In 1996, he decided to sell the company, and succeeded in persuading the original owner of 76 people Harold. Katz sold 76 people, and over is the flying team boss Eddie. Schneider and Close's new partner, Karst, inc.. As for Close himself, because he bought a portion of the equity of 76 people, and was nominated as the new president of the team, the goal is to lead the 76 people to regain confidence and create brilliant. Close faced the first decision, perhaps the biggest one, that is, with the number one draft pick Allen · Iverson. like other rookie, Iverson also came to the 76 team, to accept a series of tests. He gave 76 people a surprising answer: in situ touch high up to 40.5 inches, the run-up is up to 45 inches high. Although Close did not see the scene at the time, but he did not hear the results of the stay: in the 76 Hall of fame, only then the king of the rebounds " J Dr. " Erwin touched up more than 40 inches. Even so, Close still did not dare to leave the decision to leave Iverson, feel the need to interview Iverson. Close recalled the interview in detail: " at that time, I felt that I had to talk to the guy, and then we were at a hotel near the Philadelphia Airport. When I stepped into the lobby and did not see Iverson at once, I found a circle. I found a casual shirt.